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Shower Screen Repair and Replacement

Australian Standard AS1288-2006 requires that a glass shower screen must be glazed with a Grade A Safety Glass – Laminated or Toughened (Tempered) and comply with specific requirements associated with Fully Framed, Semi-frameless and Frameless designs. This glass can be supplied in Clear, Opaque and Obscure (Patterned).

Please note that older style “Wired” Glass is no longer manufactured and does not comply with the requirements of AS1288-2006. If your broken shower screen glass is this type, then you will need to upgrade the broken glass to Grade A. In many instances this is not economically viable due to the age of the aluminium framework and components – the best solution is to have us install a new custom made shower screen for your bathroom.

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We supply and install in all Perth Metropolitian Suburbs